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Thumb Doctor
posted this on October 15, 2013, 14:24

Q: What is the Thumb Arcade iPhone Game Bundle?


The Thumb Arcade iPhone Game Bundle is a short-running sale, or discount, on a group of mobile games for iOSTM devices; example iPhone or iPod touch. The games are all produced and published by independent game companies who love making games that you're going to love too! iTunes doesn't have a "sale" option, so we at Thumb Arcade built one for you. This way you can get fantastic games at a huge discount. You support indie game developers and get their art in front of a lot more game players. Cool, right?

Q: But who is Thumb Arcade?


Thumb Arcade is actually a website dedicated to highlighting the best mobile Indie games, for both iOS and Android. This bundle is just one of the ways we're bringing indie developers and game players (you) together. Along with the bundle, please also go check out Thumb Arcade and discover another couple hundred amazing mobile games. Keep your thumbs happy!

Q: What are the phone requirements for the games in the Thumb Arcade iPhone Game Bundle? Will the games work on my iPhone / iPod touch / iPad device?


Most Bundle games require iOS 4.3 or later, and all are optimized for use on iPhone 5 / iPod touch 5th generation and retina screens. All games are universal installs, which means they support iPad, iPhone and iPod and will install and work on all of your devices. Forever Lost: Episode 1, Incrediblox and War of Words require iOS 5.1 or later. While it is possible, we do not guarantee that any game will work on non-listed devices.

Q: How do I install these games on my iOS device (ex: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad)?


When the Bundle closes you will receive an email with instructions on how to install the games from the Bundle. Be sure to add "" to your email client as a trusted email source! You will be able to download your games directly to your device, or use your computer to download them to iTunes and sync them later to your device. 

Q: Is the bundle available for the iPad?


YES! Each of the games are "universal" builds, which means they will work on your phone and your tablet. The "+" designation in iTunes (universal build) means you will be able to install the game on all supported devices that are connected to your one iTunes account.

Q: How will my Thumb Arcade iPhone Game Bundle games be updated?


Once you have downloaded your games, to either iTunes via your computer or directly to your smartphone, then iTunes takes over the ongoing update process. The games are still managed just like any other app on your device, and you will be notified through your "App Store" icon when game developers have released an update. Any and all free game updates going forward are available to you.

Q: I purchased the Bundle but never got my email with the download links.


If you purchased the Bundle, and the bundle sale has closed, but haven't received your download links then please enter a support request here or email us at with your purchase email and transaction ID number. Remember to check your "spam" or "junk" folder in case your email is mistakenly marked as spam.

Don't forget to include your Transaction ID in the email to us, so we can verify your account.

Q: I have a new email address. Can I update my account to my new email address?


If you want to receive promotion announcements from us, and you have a new email, simply go to and register your new email. Easy.

Q: Where is the bonus game art?


A special exclusive set of game-related art, like desktop backgrounds, phone home screen backgrounds and similar, is included with your purchase of the Bundle. There are instructions included in the email sent to you when the Bundle closes. If you haven't received your download links, please enter a support request here or email us at with your purchase email and transaction ID number. Remember to check your "spam" or "junk" folder in case your email is mistakenly marked as spam.

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