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Thumb Doctor February 26, 2013 Solutions

The Thumb Arcade mobile experience was designed with happy thumbs in mind. That includes things that are large enough to tap on, simple swipe-based navigation and a look that just begs to be explored. But we also know it's nice to see instructions sometimes...

Getting around Thumb Arcade mobile is the same on any device, although your exact phone and screen may look slightly different than the images below. 


On nearly every page of the site you'll find the top "logo" bar. The far left, blue button opens the Account screen and also the navigation for Support and more features. The "Thumb Arcade" logo is always a HOME button. And the Browse button opens up the browse screen to see all games by categories. If you're on an iPhone, tap the bottom middle icon and choose "Add to Home Screen" to add the Thumb Arcade quick access icon to your phone.


On the Browse screen, we used a cool side-scrolling effect. The categories are in vertical groups with title separators. And the games stretch out horizontally. You can keep swiping to the side to see more choices. Up at the top of the Browse and Home screens is the "Search" bar. You can find games by keywords, actual titles or any other search term. Tapping on the Browse button again returns you to the last page you were on. The logo takes you Home.


On any Game page, there are a few key buttons. The yellow button in the top right tells you the price of the game. Tapping this button takes you to the app store to download the game (no purchases happen until you get to the app store). Easy! The Left/Right blue arrow buttons allow you to toggle through the game's screenshots. And the bottom tabbed area contains information on the game, the developer who made it and options to share on social networks.

mobile-register-account.jpg mobile-login-account.jpg

When you tap on the top left blue button (next to the logo) you enter the Account screen. From here you can login to an existing user account, or access site features like Support, About or Policies. You can also register a new account right here on your mobile phone. Once you're signed in, we'll keep you signed in unless you sign out. This Account page will display a "logged in" view if you're logged in.

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Thumb Doctor February 26, 2013 Solutions

Thumb Arcade allows you to create a user account. You get some important benefits from your account:

  • Earn rewards - account holders earn reward points for everything from exploring the site to purchases to sharing!
  • Filter content - you can tell us which devices you have and we'll show you only the games that work on your hardware.
  • Discovery - as you use the site, the site learns and begins to show you recommended options based on your habits.

Please note: Thumb Arcade will never misuse, sell, share or otherwise misappropriate your account information. We maintain it for one simple reason: to make your experience the best it can possibly be! When we set out to build Thumb Arcade the mission was simple, "Create the game site that we've always wanted to go to, but never existed." Part of that is offering you these user account features.

Register for a user account

To Register, click the Register button under the top logo. Fill in your details and submit. Note: you must be 13 years or older to create an account.

Login to you user account

To Login, click the Login button under the top logo. You must be logged in to earn reward points and experience the other member benefits.

Want your account to do more? Tell us! We're listening.

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Thumb Doctor February 26, 2013 Solutions

The online (PC/Mac) view of the site is designed to be explored. We've made navigation centered around helping you discover games that best fit your needs.

The top nav bar is for quick look, broad exploration. See what's trending, what's new and even go straight to a game page by choosing "Lucky". From anywhere in the site you can return to the home page by clicking the Logo area in the top left.

Top Navigation Links

The middle nav area links you to games sorted by "profile". Instead of using all the tired descriptions, we grouped games in categories based on game player psyches (what motivates game players). Example: if you like puzzles, then try the "Mastermind" category. There will be puzzle games and related brain-challenging games, too.

Middle Navigation Links

Lower down in the middle nav are links to Support, About Thumb Arcade and site Policies.

Finally, at the bottom are links to share on your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and via email.

Social Share Links

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Thumb Doctor February 11, 2013 Tips & Tricks

Here's a fun one...

No matter what device you are using - iPad, iPod, Android phone, iPhone, other tablet or phone, or even your trusty Mac or PC - you can simply visit and you'll see the right view for your device; and even the right games for your device!

It's pretty cool. Try it out. ;)
Play Indie! 

Thumb Doctor February 11, 2013 Announcements

Welcome to the Thumb Arcade help desk. Happy thumbs are our favorite thumbs. There are articles, tips and help available here throughout the forum. And of course you can submit a help request at any time. We take feedback seriously, and we welcome product suggestions, notices when things don't work and even when you just stop by to say, "hello."

Our highly trained thumb doctors are here to help, and you can expect a response to your requests usually within a day. Remember, we have customers all over the world. So please be patient if there is a little bit of time lag. (We suggest playing a great Indie game while you wait.)

Thanks, and remember: Play Indie!